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Welcome to the communities of Northwood, Nottingham and Strafford!

Families of high school aged students moving into the towns of Northwood, Nottingham and Strafford are required to complete a “Proof of Residency” form which may be obtained by clicking here.  This form along with residency documentation must be submitted to the SAU prior to beginning the high school registration process. A High School Assignment form will need to be completed as well.  This form is a three part form, therefore it must be completed in the office. 

According to NH RSA 193:12 Legal Residence Required,  no students may register for school in a town unless they are living with a parent or legal (court-appointed) guardian. In the case of change of custody between divorced parents, the SAU requires evidence from the court that the parent in our district has physical custody.


If you have a high school student and move within District (ex: Northwood to Strafford or within the same town), you will need to come into the SAU office and complete a "Proof of Residency" form and bring with you documentation listed on the form, proving your new residency.  A new High School Assignment form will need to be completed as well.